Last-minute gifts you can pick up at the bookstore

Media Credit: Sarah Urtz | Hatchet Photographer

The bookstore’s selection of holiday-themed gifts includes a wide array of diverse ornaments ($7.95 to $44).

While you are at the GW Bookstore grabbing study materials you never bought ahead of your final exam, you may be able to complete your holiday shopping too.

Beyond the rows of office supplies, the lower level of the Marvin Center has presents for all occasions including special holiday-themed presents and hidden gems that can be used as presents for everyone on your list. With a vast selection, the recipient may not even realize you waited until the last minute to go shopping.

For young relatives:
A bookstore on a college campus may not scream “kid-friendly,” but the kid’s corner makes it easy to find gifts for even the youngest of relatives.

The store’s display is lined with the most popular of stuffed animals including “Boo, The World’s Cutest Dog” ($25) and multiple varieties of the cat “Pusheen” ($25). If your relatives are future GW students, animals sporting the GW logo ($7.95 to $24) are also available in a range of sizes.

For friends:
While the bookstore has many practical supplies and GW merchandise, the store also offers items that are more traditional gifts. It houses an extensive collection of vinyl records available for purchase, with a diverse collection of artists from different time periods and genres. Mumford and Sons’ “Johannesburg” is one of the cheapest albums available for $12.98 while Led Zeppelin’s “Mothership” can be purchased for $79.98. Students even have the opportunity to purchase a turntable ($69.95 to $249.95) for those looking to help their friends enter the trendy analog music trend.

For a friend who is always on top of their to-do list, the Vera Bradley Beach Haven Bonus Pack ($24) includes stickers, a pen and paper clips so everything will be in its place. The semester may be coming to an end, but with this gift, your friend can gear up for the upcoming semester.

This trend may be on its way out, but you can still give your friend a camera they can put to use right then and there. Fujifilm Instax Mini polaroid cameras of all colors are available at the bookstore for $69.95. For other camera accessories, browse the bookstore’s selection of camera cases and accessories ($39.95 to $99.95), along with memory cards ($25.92 to $45.95) to keep track of your holiday snaps.

For the family pet:
As for the most important member of the family, your pet, GW Bookstore offers countless collars, bowls, leashes and bandanas between $9.95 and $24 to create your own GW mascot at home.

For anyone:
Holiday-themed presents are plentiful at the bookstore, and you can’t go wrong gifting something specifically for the holiday season.

The bookstore’s selection of holiday-themed gifts ranges from an imposing wooden nutcracker ($30) sporting a GW ensemble, to a wide array of diverse ornaments ($7.95 to $44). This season is as much about giving as receiving, so the snowflake stationery, which comes with 10 cards and envelopes, is the perfect tool for writing heartfelt thank-you notes.

The bookstore also makes it easy to contribute with food, the best part of the holiday season. Pre-packaged and completed with a bow on top, the store offers milk chocolate squares ($8.95 to $18) as an easy white elephant gift for your holiday party.

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