Holiday gifts perfect for each type of roommate

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From the roommate who wants to stop climate change to the roommate who can’t seem to wake up for class, there’s a perfect gift for everyone this holiday season.

Finding the perfect holiday gift for your roommate can be stressful, but The Hatchet has you covered.

From the roommate who wants to stop climate change to the roommate who can’t seem to wake up for class, there’s something for everyone this holiday season. Here are the perfect holiday gifts for each individual, whether you want to shop at Amazon or the shops that line M Street.

For the environmentally-conscious roommate:
If your roommate is endlessly trying to reduce waste and save the environment, you could opt for a classic S’well metal water bottle ($35) that they can refill throughout the day at stations across campus or at the water fountain on your floor. For coffee lovers, consider giving them a reusable Keurig K-Cup ($8) and some ground coffee ($8) so they can finally enjoy the Keurig everyone else in your room uses without creating waste. Another trendy option is a reusable metal straw ($13) for the times they might need an urgent drink refill without producing excess waste.

For the roommate who loves to party:
If your roommate stumbles home from Blackfinn at 4 a.m. most weeknights and weekends, look no further. Give them a personalized flask ($39) with an inside joke from one of your greatest misadventures printed on it. If they have too many flasks already, go for a few funny shot glasses ($11), like one shaped like a toilet bowl, that will be the talk of their next pregame. If they’re too classy for that, opt for a Corkcicle wine tumbler ($23) for the wine Wednesdays bound to occur next semester.

For the political roommate:
Although their 24/7 congressional commentary may drive you insane, politically active students still deserve a great holiday gift. This sepia-toned scratch-off world map ($26) will burst with color as they document their travels on their path to world domination. They may also enjoy Michelle Obama’s new book, “Becoming,” ($20) or tickets to the Newseum ($25) so they can point out their favorite political journalists and complain about President Donald Trump’s “fake news” accusations.

For the roommate who is always napping:
If you catch your roomie snoozing more often than not, get them a heated stuffed animal ($20) that they can warm up in the microwave and cuddle with all day long. They come in all different animals, from an elephant to a Siberian husky. Or you can opt to give them a super-soft sherpa hoodie ($25) that can serve as their napping uniform and easily transition from bed to their 11:10 a.m. class when they roll out of bed at 11:05 a.m.

For the roommate who is always at Gelman:
They are always studying for never-ending tests and quizzes, so give them a reason to take a break at Gelbucks with a Starbucks gift card. Pair the gift card with a planner ($32) to make sure they are checking off items on their to-do list. If coffee isn’t enough to drive their study session, at least make it more comfortable with a portable seat cushion ($35) and fuzzy socks ($7) to make them feel more at home.

For the roommate who lives in HelWell:
You always see them leave to go to the gym, but never have the motivation to join. Surprise them with a SoulCycle class pass ($34), which is a fun activity you can do together. If you would rather not involve yourself, give them a South Block gift card for a post-workout reward. For a festive gift that takes exercise to the ice, buy 45-minute ice skating passes ($9) to the Sculpture Garden of the National Gallery of Art.

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