Student struck by car near Kogan Plaza

A student biking across H Street was hit by a car Friday night.

University spokeswoman Lindsay Hamilton said at approximately 7:45 p.m., a student was struck on his bicycle while crossing H Street near Kogan Plaza. Hamilton said D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services and Metropolitan Police Department officers responded and assessed the student, but the student refused transport to the hospital.

An MPD spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Ari Golub, a rising sophomore who identified himself as the victim, said a sedan struck him while biking, causing him to fall off his bike and roll on the ground. Golub said a food truck created a blind spot for him while he was crossing the street, so he didn’t see the car coming.

The sedan’s driver stopped the car, asked him if he was OK and provided him with napkins to help stop the bleeding, Golub said.

Golub said he damaged his right knee and calf and scraped his eye and forehead in the incident. He added that he has a “pretty bad limp” and that he might have a concussion because he wasn’t wearing a helmet.

He said after initially refusing transport to GW Hospital, he went to the emergency room, where he was awaiting stitches and a concussion assessment at about 10 p.m.

The incident occurred just about a day after a local neighborhood group approved plans to construct new crosswalks on H Street between Kogan Plaza and District House to improve driver and pedestrian visibility and safety. The University initially proposed the project last month.

Golub said all of the 2100 block of H Street should have a crossing lane because it sits in the center of campus, where students “cross like crazy.”

Currently, there is one crosswalk on the block leading up to the Marvin Center.

“When you have class and you’re running a little late, you’re not going to go to the other end to get to the crosswalk,” he said. “I’m pissed that there are not more precautions being taken at this crossing.”

Lizzie Stricklin contributed reporting.

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