Social media accounts to tap into online campus community

Media Credit: Olivia Anderson | Photo Editor

Overheard at GW, a popular student Facebook page, captures students' posts of celebrities who visit campus.

It pays to be tuned in to social media accounts associated with GW, especially as humorous Foggy Bottom happenings and viral internet debates become essential to the campus conversation.

To stay in the know, turn on push notifications for these GW-related accounts:

Peter Konwerski, vice provost and dean of student affairs, stepped down from his position, raising questions about who would take his place as the University’s most prominent Twitter account. Konwerski was known for following back any student whose account had a pulse and students would tweet their qualms to him for a speedy solution.

Now, the best way to get official updates is through the University’s account. The University tweets about faculty accomplishments, upcoming important dates and the occasional snow day announcement in the winter. Its online presence was enough to bring home two Emmy Awards in 2015, and sometimes it’ll post a nod to students with a meme of its own.

GW memes for the 10th most politically active teens
This Facebook page of memes admittedly rose when GW was the most politically active college campus, but after its name change last summer, it continued to dominate campus humor through dramatic student elections and Greek-life scandals at the University.

The memes page can give you a look at what’s going on inside campus groups and provide insight on stereotypes of each school. It also keeps you involved in campus camaraderie, with memes that satirize specific classes, professors and major-specific woes that nail millennial college humor. Scrolling through your fellow students’ genius jokes might make any non-current student very confused, but hop on the bandwagon and you’ll understand the internal chatter in no time.

Overheard at GW
Overheard at GW is perhaps the oldest community social media page, garnering Facebook posts from students before memes were even mainstream.

The page captures what the University would dub #OnlyatGW moments that are more than words on a brochure, with posts of celebrity and politician campus sightings. The page has chronicled Chance the Rapper’s pumpkin purchase at Whole Foods and Katy Perry’s stop mid-Women’s March to buy herself a Subway sandwich. Bill Clinton’s trip to GW Hospital made waves just this month, and no student could sleep at night without knowing what French President Emmanuel Macron ordered from Tonic, which by the way, was actually a burger and tots.

Free & For Sale
On Facebook, an overarching GW community unaffiliated with the University is available to all users that have their University account connected to their profile. This page grants you access to dozens of campus-related subpages to join, which are divided into specific majors and class years.

The most useful of these pages is the University’s Free & For Sale page. Instead of raiding Target or Ikea for furniture that will soon be scuffed anyway, you can take away student’s already assembled furniture for discounted prices.

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