Colonial Inauguration 2018

As students spend their first few days on campus for Colonial Inauguration, they’re bound to encounter questions. Luckily, our CI Guide has the answers. Check out our tips on topics from course schedules to social media:

Put your best foot forward with these CI tips

How to survive course registration and avoid schedule disasters

Inside each of the freshman residence halls

Stay in the know: Top 10 spring news stories to read before coming to campus

Social media accounts to tap into online campus community

Embrace living on the Vern and take advantage of the campus’ perks

Past University fixtures you’ll need to know

Parental problems: How to deal with different types of parents during the college transition

Restaurants with regional cuisines to cure homesickness

Solve common roommate scuffles with these tips for each type of roommate

Foggy Bottom restaurants to switch up your campus menu

What to buy and what to leave on the shelves for your first residence hall room

Guide to The Hatchet’s crime log through comical campus crimes from the year

Minors to explore beyond your major before settling into course schedule

Freshman-only courses to enrich your first semester schedule