‘Getting to the Bottom of It’: Electing Student Association leaders

Updated: March 27, 2018 at 11:27 a.m.

On a special episode of “Getting to the Bottom of It” this week, Hatchet news editors and editorial board members discuss the upcoming Student Association election and referendums.

This podcast was recorded before The Hatchet’s editorial board rescinded its endorsement for executive vice presidential candidate Brady Forrest.


“Getting to the Bottom of It” is hosted by news editors Leah Potter and Meredith Roaten and features culture editors Liz Provencher and Matt Dynes. This podcast was produced by assistant video editor Arianna Dunham, managing editor Tyler Loveless and assistant copy editor Emma Tyrrell. Music was produced by Aulx Studio. Special thanks to Andrew Goudsward, Elise Zaidi, Cayla Harris, Renee Pineda and Melissa Schapiro.

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