Gifts for every stage of your relationship from fling to long-term commitment

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If you’re looking for a way to take the next step with that classmate you’ve been friends with for a while, give them a simple and inexpensive on-the-go mug and suggest a coffee date.

Whether you’re still in the crush stage or moving into a casual or long-term relationship, these gifts will keep your romance on track to survive the holiday season.

For your potential partner

Maybe you’ve been dancing around a relationship with a crush for the past semester, or even your entire time at college – now is the time to make a move. Use this gift giving holiday as a chance to be bold and signal your readiness to take the next step into a relationship.

Gifts to finally cuff your crush:

Ceramic coffee mug
If you’re looking for a way to take the next step with that classmate you’ve been friends with for a while, give them an on-the-go mug that comes with a month of coffee dates. This Starbucks refillable mug can be used through January to get a free grande brewed coffee or tea. The holidays makes people sentimental, so now is the perfect time to strike. But if they don’t seem interested, you can always play it off as concern for the environmental waste of Starbucks cups.

Refill Tumbler. $40. Starbucks.

Customizable phone case
If you’ve been casually hooking up with someone you want a serious relationship with, then get them to ask you out on a real date by taking the time to make a custom phone case. On this easy-to-use website, you can print your own inside joke or flirty message on a phone case so they’ll think of you every time they pull out their phone. Now they’ll have to text you back.

$34. CaseApp.

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If your friends want to resemble Rihanna, buy her new Fenty line of lipstick for them this holiday season.

For your friend with benefits

If you’re in a casual relationship and you want to keep it that way, you can still spread the holiday spirit. Next time you see your steady hook-up, surprise them with a gift to keep the good times going.

Presents for the one that puts out:

Bluetooth speakers
Most of your time with this partner is probably spent in each other’s residence halls so you’re used to dealing with thin walls and noise from roommates. Drown out any sounds with this portable, wireless speaker and blast your mood-setting playlists next time you engage in the benefits side of your relationship. The affordable price tag means you don’t have to worry about committing too much for what may turn out to be a brief fling.

Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker. $29.99. Amazon Prime.

Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint
As Rihanna would say, kiss it, kiss it better, baby. Just in time for the holidays, the “Sex With Me” singer released the perfect red lip stain as part of her Fenty Beauty line. The long-lasting formula guarantees it’ll stay put through whatever you have planned at your next rendezvous.

$24. Sephora.

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Timeless and chic stemless wine glasses signal adulthood, commitment and hint at a wedding registry.

For your long-term relationship

You’ve already gotten them practical items, exhausted their favorite gift card locales and nailed the perfect sweater last season, so now you need a new gift for your long-term significant other.

Presents to really surprise you beau:

Entertainment coupon book
Get out of your long-term relationship rut with an extensive coupon book of more than 1,000 coupons to a variety of experiences and restaurants in the DMV area. With discounted prices to activities that range from Washington Mystics game tickets to boxing classes or massages, you’ll create some new memories as a couple along the way.

Maryland and Washington, D.C. or Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. $19. Entertainment.

Riedel stemless wine glasses
If you’re ready to lean into old married couple status with your partner, you might as well have the sophisticated wine glasses to match. Timeless and chic stemless glasses signal adulthood, commitment and hint at a wedding registry at Williams Sonoma. You’ll be hosting dinner parties with your married couple friends in no time.

Riedel “O” Stemless Cabernet Wine Tumblers. Set of four. $37.95. Williams Sonoma.

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