Dish of the week: Farmers Fishers Bakers’ impossible burger

Media Credit: Max McCrory | Staff Photographer

The Impossible Burger, made of just plants and genetically engineered to taste like beef, is being served at all of the Founding Farmers restaurants.

Sometimes there is a reason why things are called impossible.

The Impossible Burger is a vegetable burger that is genetically modified with vegetables to look, taste and behave like a real hamburger. It’s being served at all of the Founding Farmers restaurants, as well as their sister restaurants, Farmers Fishers Bakers and Farmers & Distillers.

This imposter burger is produced by Silicon Valley-based Impossible Foods, and gets its meat-like color and flavor from natural ingredients like coconut oil, potato protein and heme — a protein found in the root of soy plants.

As a devoted meat lover, I was skeptical of this burger. However, I decided to set aside my preconceived notions that nothing could ever beat the taste of a classic patty made from ground beef and give it a try.

The Impossible Burger can be served as a substitute for the meat patty on any of Farmers Fishers Bakers’ regular hamburgers for just one dollar extra. I opted for the all-American double burger ($11) without the cheese, so my meal was entirely vegan.

I was hesitant to take the first bite, even though the Impossible Burger had the same appearance as a regular burger. Once I finally took the first bite, I was surprised. This imitation burger had some redeeming qualities.

The burger was anything but bland. It was filled with various spices that gave it a nice kick. In the flavor category, the burger did meet the standards of a real burger. But overall, the burger’s not juicy enough to convert true meat lovers.

The burger definitely did not act like a real hamburger. The sauce that was served on the side added a nice consistency and strong vinegar flavor, while the tomato added a nice crunch, but neither made up for the dryness of the burger. And the Impossible Burger was nowhere near as plump as a regular hamburger.

I wouldn’t trade meat for this vegetarian burger anytime soon, but it’s edible for the occasional meatless Monday.

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