Dish of the week: Hen Quarter’s chicken and waffles

Media Credit: Hadley Chittum | Photographer

Hen Quarter, located at 750 E St. NW, exudes Southern charm with classic fried dishes, warm wood accents and bright white lights. Order the chicken and waffles ($18) for a traditional Southern meal.

Hen Quarter exudes Southern charm with classic fried dishes, warm wood accents and bright white lights.

This cozy Penn Quarter restaurant, located at 750 E St. NW, has an extensive menu filled with comfort food like fried chicken, shrimp and grits, deviled hen eggs and fried green tomatoes. Everything on the menu is so finger-licking good that you won’t know what to pick.

The one dish you can’t miss is Hen Quarter’s chicken and waffles ($18). It’s the quintessential Southern dish for mixing sweet and salty all in one. Hen Quarter puts a twist on this traditional plate by incorporating unique and unexpected ingredients.

The waffles have corn and green onions mixed into them to add both a tasty texture and flavor. The green onions add a touch of savoriness that complements the fried chicken, while the corn adds a grainy texture to the waffles that makes them thicker and heartier. The waffles themselves are cooked just right, coming crispy on the edges and chewy in the middle.

The cheddar cheese added on to this dish gives a touch of creaminess and strong flavor to bring out the savory taste of the chicken and green onions in the waffle.

The fried chicken is so tasty that you’ll be begging for more. The breading is delightfully crispy and the seasoning has the right amount of flavor. When you bite into the chicken, it is hot and juicy, just as it would be of it were home cooked in the South.

The clover honey butter and the Tennessee bourbon maple syrup add the right amount of sweetness to balance out the other savory aspects of the dish. The chicken and waffles are served with a side of compressed watermelon to add a bit of freshness to this rich and filling entrée.

Head to Penn Quarter and take a Southern cuisine journey with these dishes from Hen Quarter. Not many places in the District offer it, but there’s nothing quite like the comfort of Southern food.

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