Halley Rogers: Timely in more ways than one

Media Credit: Sam Hardgrove | Assistant Photo Editor

Each year, graduating editors are given 30 final column inches – “30” was historically used to signify the end of a story – to reflect on their time at The Hatchet, published in the final issues of the year.

When I first stepped foot into The Hatchet’s old townhouse on G Street second semester of my freshman year, I felt like I was at a college newspaper. The interior had seen better days. The cramped, messy newsroom was littered with coffee cups. Several students hovered over computers doing interviews on the phone. It was like a beehive. And I loved it.

An important news value is timeliness. For me, The Hatchet was timely in more ways than one.

First semester of my freshman year had been tough. I’d struggled to get involved on campus. Like many GW students, I was president of multiple high school clubs and won senior superlatives like “Most Likely to Succeed.” So when I got to GW, I was no different. I was a small fish in the vast GW ocean. In fact, my first semester had been so disappointing for me, I’d started transfer applications, hoping to find a school that was a better fit for me.

Joining The Hatchet came in the nick of time. I felt so cool walking around campus with a camera and tripod, talking to students and administrators at events. I felt important and I felt empowered behind the camera. The rest is history because I’ve been with The Hatchet ever since– three and a half years.

This past year, I came back from abroad to serve as video editor. And to my surprise, I felt disconnected being back on campus, just like I had my first semester freshman year. I had just finished an incredible four months studying abroad in Seville, Spain, and landed a competitive internship at an advertising agency in New York for the summer. Life was good, and I didn’t understand why I felt out of place back on campus.

But The Hatchet was there again to give me purpose and a great group of friends to spend Sundays with.

As I get ready to graduate and go off into the real world in just a few short weeks, I’ll always remember The Hatchet and my fond memories in 2148 F St.

Good luck Vol. 114! I’ll be watching, reading and cheering you on.

Thank you to The Hatchet for the incredible timing and being there when I needed it.

And thank you to the great friends and mentors I met along the way, who helped me find my place at GW:

Zach: You were my very first interaction with The Hatchet. Thank you for teaching me all I know about video and for being an incredible editor. I still remember when you took me to shoot my first assignment and I almost dropped your camera. Thanks for still believing in me (and keeping me around) after that literal fumble. Even as you moved on to bigger and better things on The Hatchet and now in the real world, I’ll still always think of you as my editor and mentor.

Diana: You are so cool. And I’m forever looking up to you and in awe of what you do and what you’ve accomplished. I have you to thank for pushing me to pitch more stories and report on what I’m passionate about. You have a knack for finding interesting stories in everyday people. I’ve always tried to channel that because of you.

Sarah: It was such a pleasure working with you, even if it was just for a semester. Even before we joined staff, I always admired you for your ability to produce such high quality content. Your videos were always my favorite to watch. And you’re still my favorite Hatchet Prom date!!

Blair: I still remember moments of you back in the old townhouse. We’ve both had a long Hatchet journey! You’ve done a great job leading the section, but I think one of my favorite memories was actually outside the townhouse seeing you shine in your senior recital when you actually got to perform in your beloved Corcoran.

Jake: We go way back. When I think of you I’ll always think of our very first video together, the Corcoran funeral (sigh). Honestly, I could not have picked a better first assignment for you– and you did such an amazing job!! It’s been a lot of fun watching you grow and join staff. Have fun abroad! Team Video will miss you!

Kellie: My star baby!! You’re incredibly hard working and have shown so much growth since you joined staff. You’ve really stepped up and made my life easier this semester running the section. You’re a wonderful videographer, editor and friend. Have an amazing adventure abroad this fall! You will be missed.

Team Video: My friends on Team Video, a huge THANK YOU for taking assignments every week, and sometimes multiple assignments in one week. Team Video would not exist without you. Period. We’re an oddball group and I can’t wait to see where your futures take you– whether it be journalism or even engineering!

Keren & Arianna: Good luck to my future video editors next year!! You’ve both shown the potential to lead and you always deliver on assignments. Arianna, never stop pitching stories. Your enthusiasm for finding a good story is refreshing. Keren, share your technical skill with the incoming videographers because you have a real talent. I look forward to seeing all your great ideas for the section come to fruition next year!

Ellie: Working for you this year has been such an awesome experience. You managed Vol. 113 with such grace and poise. You’ve given Team Video liberty to try new things, and I’m so grateful for your trust in letting us do so. I also applaud your dedication and patience, especially when we publish at such odd times. You’re incredibly talented and I cannot wait to see where your drive and talent take you in life.

Lillianna: You’re such a hard worker and I really look forward to seeing you lead Vol. 114 as editor in chief. Good luck!! I’m rooting for you!

Eva: We literally have so much in common being on The Hatchet, in SMPA AND from New Hampshire, so I think it’s funny that it took Cap Ad to finally bring us together. Thanks for being a wonderful friend in and out of the townhouse.

Liz: I think you’re just the coolest. I was so impressed by how you handled, and delivered, the Inauguration Guide, your first assignment as Culture Editor. It was a huge undertaking and you did a wonderful job. Thanks for starring in our make-up tutorial and for trekking it to Thurston with Max to make some mocktails. That was a blast.

Sam: Thanks for letting me reminisce about all things Spanish after I returned from abroad. Your energy is infectious and you’re a friend to all. Thanks for making the townhouse such a welcoming place. And thank you for my fabulous photo!!

Matt & Mark: If I could, I’d deliver this as a voice over because of the countless voice overs you both wrote for the sports-challenged video team. I really appreciate it. And now I know what the charity stripe is. You never know when some good basketball lingo might come in handy.

Justine & Colleen: Thank you both for getting me through an intro class I should have taken a long time ago, but I digress. Justine, it was a tough loss to see you go to the dark side and join news. Just kidding. You did have a pretty great last assignment though when you covered the Trump protest and ended up on TV. I’ve loved watching you grow and take on more responsibility in news. Keep it up! Colleen, I’m so proud to see one of my residents join staff. So proud!!! I can’t wait to see what else is in store for you. Keep me updated, okay?

Mom, Dad, Jack and Connor: Thank you to my family for always being there for me, even before The Hatchet became a part of my life. Thank you for supporting me, loving me and encouraging me to pursue what I’m passionate about. And thank you for racking up the views on my videos and being my number one fans. I’m your number one fans, too!

Luis: Gracias por ver todos los videos. Todos. El periódico tiene una audiencia internacional gracias a ti. ¡Espero que los videos fueran buenos ejercicios para practicar inglés!


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