Eat these meals to make your GWorld cash last through the semester

With the end of the semester in sight, you’re likely consumed with late-night study sessions, figuring out how to get rid of all the stuff you’ve managed to cram into your residence hall room – and running out of GWorld money.

You likely only have about $100 left to spend on meals at this point in the semester. One hundred dollars may seem like nothing when campus is dotted with $12 salad joints and $10 acai bowls. Instead of spending the last weeks before finals skipping meals and eating Ramen noodles, we have a guide to help you get by until finals on a tight budget.

With added tax on some items, you may run a little over your allotted $33.33 per week, but this weekdays menu should keep you on track so you only dip into your pockets for weekend splurges.

Breakfast: Start off the week by investing in a 32 oz. container of Brown Cow yogurt from Whole Foods ($3.49) and one pound of Whole Foods’ bulk granola ($3.99), which comes in flavors like vanilla strawberry and coconut almond. Then layer the ingredients to make a delicious and filling yogurt parfait.
Lunch: Classics like Whole Foods’ 365 brand macaroni and cheese ($1.19) are perfect for dining on a budget because they’re inexpensive, easy to make and often yield leftovers. If you’re a freshman, you’ll need to venture into the Thurston Hall kitchen to prepare it, but your wallet will thank you.
Dinner: Pick up a box of Whole Foods 365 Pasta Shells ($1.49), a roma tomato ($0.58), a bag of carrots ($0.88) and a 365 brand bottle of balsamic dressing ($2.99) and whip up a pasta salad. Set aside half of the pasta for a dinner or two later this week, and mix the rest together for a quick lunch on the go.

Breakfast: This morning, stick to the classics by eating your choice of cereal in an individual size cup from CVS ($1) topped with Dairy Pure fat free milk ($1.89 for a quart).
Lunch: Remember those leftovers from your macaroni and cheese on Monday? You should probably heat those up for lunch today before they get old and you are forced to toss them.
Dinner: Take the pasta you set aside and top it off with some 365 brand roasted garlic marinara sauce from Whole Foods ($1.99) for an Italian treat.

Breakfast: For a filling breakfast on the go, stop by Whole Foods to pick up a Clif Bar ($1.25). It’s not a gourmet brunch, but it’ll do the trick when you are low on funds and running out of time in the morning.
Lunch: Fill yourself up with a fried egg and cheese sandwich on a hearty bagel ($3.05) from GW Deli for a good source of protein that will keep you full through your afternoon classes and study sessions.
Dinner: Today, mix things up a little bit by eating your pasta salad for dinner instead of as a lunch.

Breakfast: You’ll still have yogurt and granola left over from Monday’s breakfast, so make yourself another parfait and enjoy not spending any money this morning.
Lunch: Treat yourself for saving money during breakfast with a hearty meatball marinara six-inch sandwich from Subway ($3.75).
Dinner: Take that last bit of cooked pasta and top it off with sauce again. You may be getting sick of Italian food, but it is cheap and will keep you full and ready for late-night studying.

Breakfast: That granola from Monday will still be kicking around, so this morning, pour yourself a bowl of granola topped with milk.
Lunch: Eat up that last bit of pasta salad today for lunch and pat yourself on the back for another meal without handing over your GWorld card.
Dinner: Heat up a can of Amy’s chili from Whole Foods ($3.50) and while you’re there, pick up a piece of cornbread to pair with it ($2-$3 depending on size).

Grand total: $33.04

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