Best GW-related social media account: GW Geese

Media Credit: Ethan Stoler | Hatchet Photographer

Best GW-related social media account
Readers’ pick: GW Geese

When stress from school gets to be too much, students flock to @gwu_geese on Instagram for a good laugh.

The account began just over a year ago and chronicles the “annual migratory patterns” of GW students who shell out about $900 for a Canada Goose jacket. Each photo features a student donning an oversized parka somewhere on campus, their faces cropped out of the frame to remain anonymous, with a satirical quote written by the account’s creator.

The captions are laugh-out-loud funny and exaggerate the woes of college life, like having your parents cancel your laundry service or having your cocaine dealer and maid show up to your 2400 M apartment at the same time.

The account’s owner, a student who asked to remain anonymous to keep snapping pictures undercover, said the account was originally just for a laugh for friends. Later, the account was posted on the Overheard at GW Facebook page and the followers started rolling in. Now, they’ve racked up more than 3,000 followers.

Despite the fact that the account pokes fun at the jacket’s wearers, the owner of the account said that some of the biggest fans of the account are “geese” themselves.

“Sometimes I’ll be in class and see people scrolling through it and I think that’s so cool,” they said. “All I can hope for is that people look at the posts on the way to class and laugh.”

The owner added that similar bird watcher accounts that use fellow students’ lavish spending habits as a comedic device have begun to pop up at other schools, like Boston and Cornell universities.

The owner said they have tried on one of the Insta-worthy jackets in the past and admitted it was “cozy.”

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