Best food for your Instagram: Icy Code ice cream rolls

Media Credit: Matthew Dynes | Hatchet Photographer

Best food for your Instagram
Location: 2029 P St. NW
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Looking for that perfect food Instagram that’s sure to rack up the likes? A quick 15-minute walk to Icy Code near Dupont Circle, and you’ll get just that.

The picture-perfect Thai rolled ice cream is made from liquid ice cream poured onto an anti-griddle at minus 30 degrees Celsius, according to Icy Code’s website. Once the liquid has frozen, the ice cream is rolled into a cylinder about the size of a roll of quarters and finished with toppings from matcha powder to Oreo cookies.

Upon entering the shop, which opened in November, you’ll immediately see that you weren’t the only person who came to ‘gram. Several people are usually lined up in front of the glass that surrounds their workspace snapping photos and videos.

Icy Code’s rich cappuccino-flavored rolled ice cream ($8) will have you giving in to posting a foodstagram with a cheesy pun like, “I like you a latte.” The cappuccino rolls are fitted with a crunchy wafer bite and wafer roll, small chocolate pearls, whipped cream filling, creamy condensed milk and caramel drizzle with toffee undertones.

The Baked Alaska ice cream rolls ($8) will satiate sweet tooths for at least a week. It has a vanilla cream base rolled up with sweet caramel and thick chocolate drizzle inside. The six rolls of ice cream fit perfectly into the cup to be topped with meringue, that is then torched before your eyes – talk about a Boomerang opportunity.

The seemingly endless toppings are packaged together in premade combinations that are camera-ready on their own – especially the S’mores, which features a torched marshmallow on top. But if you’re feeling creative, you can also curate the most photogenic toppings to create the best possible post.

Be warned that the lighting inside the shop that sits just under street level is not ideal, so take a step outside to get that perfect #nofilter glow.

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