Dish of the Week: El Tamarindo’s pupusas

Media Credit: Madeleine Cook | Hatchet Staff Photographer

The pupusas at El Tamarindo give D.C. residents a taste of traditional Salvadoran cuisine.

Authentic Mexican food is difficult to find in the District. But El Tamarindo, located in Adams Morgan, gives D.C. residents a taste of traditional Mexican and Salvadoran food.

El Tamarindo has a wide array of dishes, many of those include fresh vegetables, luscious cheese and juicy meat. They have everyone’s favorite Mexican foods like cheesy enchiladas ($14-$18), creamy guacamole ($10) and a variety of flavorful tacos ($16).

El Tamarindo’s classic Salvadoran dishes set them apart from the other Mexican restaurants in the area. At El Tamarindo, you have the chance to try some lesser known foods like pupusas ($2.50 each).

Pupusas are made with thick corn tortillas and are filled with cheese and your choice of meat, bean or vegetable. Then, they’re pan fried to perfection. They’re a bit like quesadillas with the sides sealed shut to keep all of the gooey, steaming cheese inside.

There are a wide variety of pupusas, including cheese and spinach, bean and cheese and pork and cheese. For guaranteed satisfaction, try the classic chicken and cheese combination.

The savory corn tortilla is filled with rich queso fresco, tender shredded chicken and some simple Mexican spices. All of these flavors blend well together and don’t overwhelm the palate.

The textures in this dish also complement each other. The chicken and cheese mixture inside of the pupusa is incredibly creamy and works well with the thick texture of the tortilla. El Tamarindo also serves a fresh, spicy chili and vinegar cabbage slaw on the side to subdue the richness of the pupusa.

When you first cut into this pupusa, the cheese oozes out in a heavenly way. Each mouthful will have a sinful amount of cheese, but you’ll be too busy gobbling up every last bite to care.

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