Tips for flawless re-gifting gift guide

Whether for a birthday or holiday, we’ve all unwrapped a present and had to quickly hide our disappointment with an underwhelming gift. Fortunately, the gift doesn’t have to go to waste: Re-gifting can save you when you’re in a holiday shopping pinch and want to get rid of an unwanted present. Re-gifting is often frowned upon and can cause real problems if the original gifter finds out you gave away their present. With these tips, you can re-gift like a pro and avoid any awkward situation.

Make your own gift basket

If you received more than one bad gift over the past few years, get rid of them all at once by putting together a gift basket. Simply package up the unwanted items in a basket and wrap them up in colorful cellophane wrap, both of which can be found at a Target or Paper Source. By putting together old gifts, and maybe even adding some new purchases, your re-gift is sure to go unnoticed.

Take away any personalization

The number one giveaway that will expose you as a re-gifter is personalization. Make sure that whatever you decide to re-gift does not have your name on it anywhere. This should be easy to do for most items, but for gift cards, which probably came in a package or card with your name, you can buy a gift card holder at CVS on campus. If you need a fast solution, you can always get rid of the holder all together and tuck the gift card into a greeting card to make it look more intentional.

Keep the tags and the boxes

If you know at first sight that you’d never be caught dead in that sweater your aunt bought you, keep the tags attached. The same goes for other items: Keep the tags on and repackage in the original boxes with any included instructions to keep it looking as new as possible. You might need some duct tape to reseal anything that you opened, but as long as it is unused or worn, it’s easy to re-gift without anyone knowing.

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