Best gifts on Amazon Prime for last-minute shoppers gift guide

Whether you only have two days until your holiday party or you are just too lazy to leave your residence hall to go shopping, buying holiday gifts on Amazon Prime – which you can try for six months free as a college student – is convenient and quick. Use your free Amazon Prime membership and shop for these gifts for that will arrive at your door quickly.

Mini Zen Garden – $11

We all have a friend who spends most nights in Gelman Library and could use a little relaxation. This personal Zen Garden is the perfect gift to bring that friend some tranquility. This wooden Zen Garden comes with sand, a rake, three ceramic figures and river rocks. It’ll fit perfectly on your friend’s desk right next to their unfinished homework and stack of textbooks. When they inevitably get stressed while studying, they can put on a relaxing Spotify playlist, rake, rearrange and relax.

DIY Film Camera – $39

This do-it-yourself 35mm Film SLR Camera Kit from Lomography Konstruktor is the perfect gift for an artsy friend. Whether your friend is a seasoned photographer or just posts filtered photos on Instagram, they’ll love this gift. The kit comes with everything you need to assemble the camera, and after an hour of assembling the product, your friend will have a fully functioning SLR camera. If you’re feeling even more generous, you can get a four-pack of 35mm film ($12) to complete the gift.

Hangover Recovery Kit – $17

All of us have been guilty of going a little too crazy at night and waking up unable to get any work done. This 3-pack of hangover recovery kits has everything you need to get through that Sunday morning haze: Emergen-C, ibuprofen, ear plugs, mints, a Band-Aid and a temporary tattoo of the word “survivor.” This makes the perfect gift for your friends who party hard but still need to study hard.

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