This year’s Fall Fest lineup recommendations

Updated: Aug. 29, 2016 at 12:16 a.m.

There’s a lot riding on this Fall Fest’s lineup – more than there has been ever before.

In the wake of the Action Bronson issue at Spring Fling and with Flume scheduled to perform at the 9:30 Club on the same day, students have high expectations from Program Board.

Here’s a list of artists that can compare with the buzz of future bass artist Flume, appeal to a varied audience and keep their noses – and lyrics – clean.

Mura Masa

Chances are high that you know this British singer-songwriter from his mega hit, “What If I Go?” But rest assured, the rest of his debut EP “Someday Somewhere” is just as good. Try “Lovesick,” a track that hit number 1 on Spotify’s charts in the U.S. and U.K.

Mura Masa, otherwise known as Alexander Crossan, has a distinctive R&B sound mixed with strings and synth. Syncopated beats are mixed throughout, as well as an Asian influence and traditional Japanese overtones.

Yet the mastery of Mura Masa lies in his ability to bring harmony to all these dissonant influences and still manage to make his music easy on the ear. Danceable, fun, exotic and just on this side of edgy to make it cool, Crossan is a great pick for Fall Fest.

Best of all, Mura Masa hits the sweet spot between being famous enough to be a mainstream name, but new enough to the big leagues that it won’t be impossible for GW to snag him.


Perhaps Program Board could convince this District native to stay and play for Fall Fest after his set at the 9:30 Club, because this is one up-and-coming artist you don’t want to miss.

Christopher Gallant was born in D.C. and grew up in Columbia, Md., making him no stranger to the vibrant R&B scene in our own backyard. Although each song in Gallant’s second EP, “Ology,” showcases a different genre of music, Gallant stays true to his R&B roots and his own soulful voice.

His standout single “Weight in Gold” earned him a spot on Spotify’s 2016 breakout artists list, and from then on he’s proven himself one of the pros with his many collaborations and high profile tours.

Gallant’s music is not only soulful, it’s meaningful. The artist drew from his own experiences with anxiety and depression to write “Ology,” and the lyrics resonate with many of his fans.

The only negative here would be that rather than danceable and exciting, Gallant’s soothing croons might be out of place at Fall Fest.


It’s been a while since Fall Fest has featured a high energy EDM artist. Perhaps this year might be the perfect time drop the bass.

Tritonal is a name with a lot of star power behind it, especially since they’re a staple at many festivals – they were at Baltimore’s Moonrise this year. That’s the kind of starpower that will draw crowds to University Yard, and the infectious, booming sets they play will surely rev up anyone within a five mile radius.

Their popular songs, such as their remix of Chainsmoker’s “Don’t Let Me Down,” “Satellite,” “Anchor” and “Untouchable” make them a smash hit with the college-age crowd. It might be worth the effort.

Out of all the artists named on this list, however, Tritonal would be most difficult to book.

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