Things your CI leader won’t tell you

Colonial Inauguration Cabinet Members will tell you all the basics: which floors it’s acceptable to take the elevator to in Thurston Hall, that the Colonial Health Center provides free condoms and how to handle living with a roommate for the first time.

But there are some parts of life at GW that University-employed students won’t tell you. We’ve got you covered with some need-to-know information:

You can get out of the $50 library donation

GW charges a $50 “voluntary gift” to your student account each semester that goes to Gelman Library. While donating to the library where you’ll spend hours cramming for midterms and finals is nice, there’s an option to remove the gift through Banweb.

View your student account eBill, which allows you to decline the gift. You can also go to the registration office in the basement of the Marvin Center to have a staff member remove the charges.

GW is not completely smoke-free

GW launched the smoke-free policy that prevents anyone from smoking cigarettes in public places on campus or within 25 feet of campus buildings in 2013. But that policy, which was meant to be peer-enforced, is largely unenforced by University officials. The University Police Department has cited people on campus for smoking cigarettes, but smokers outside academic buildings and residence halls are common.

Liquor stores on campus probably won’t take your fake ID

It’s best to think twice before trying to use your fake ID at a liquor store near campus. You can imagine that the employees working at places on campus are presented with fake IDs on a regular basis, so they are pretty strict. You might want to pass on trying to use your fake at places like FoBoGro or Riverside Liquors, if you don’t want yours rejected or taken away.

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