Five types of students you’re bound to meet at GW

Media Credit: Emily Robinson | Design Assistant

With classes closer than you think, here are the five types of students you’re bound to meet in lecture halls and classrooms over the next four years.

The GW superfan
Often seen in the front row of the Smith Center’s student section, these students are decked out in buff and blue from syllabus week to final exams. Whether athletes themselves or just dedicated spectators, GW’s superfans are always down to skip class to watch anything from men’s basketball to softball.

The political junkie
Wondering how GW got the title of “Most Politically Active School in the Nation?” You have these students to thank. Often seen name-dropping their “#OnlyAtGW” internships on the Hill in their intro to American politics classes, these students spend most of their time drafting paragraph-long Facebook statuses about the upcoming election. Some are budding policy experts, and others have their finger on the media’s pulse. Either way, these students are counting down to Election Day.

The student activist
Not to be confused with GW’s political junkies, the University’s student leaders and activists are some of the most vocal students on campus. Whether proposing resolutions as a Student Association senator or protesting in Kogan Plaza, these students are always speaking up on hot-button campus issues.

The social media maven
You may not have met these students in person, but you’ve definitely seen them online. Some live-tweet anything – from classes to current events – while others have spent hours perfecting their weekend brunch Instagram posts. You can find them weighing in on GW issues on Twitter, furiously typing away from all four corners of campus. They’ll also give you tips on how to take the perfect Facebook profile picture.

The Greek life enthusiast
Greek life at GW is different from your average state school, but that doesn’t mean the University’s sorority sisters and fraternity brothers don’t know how to have spirit. Decked out in Greek-lettered apparel and laptop stickers, these students are just as passionate about their philanthropy projects as they are about their weekend plans.

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