Tips to make it through Commencement weekend

Media Credit: Hatchet file photo.

Commencement weekend is exhausting for anyone. Here are some tips to make it through.

Commencement: a weekend filled with parents and parties, pictures and emotions. Plus, you might see Cory Booker and eat cake.

But with the fun and free food of Commencement season comes exhaustion and frustration. All of a sudden, your worlds collide. You must work out logistics, entertain family who come to town and say goodbye to friends from the past four years. You will be on time, but everything will inevitably run late. There will be a lot of standing, and oddly enough, also a lot of sitting – at ceremonies and at meals. You will be pulled in a million different directions, all at once, in large crowds.

Before you can turn your tassels, you are going to have to survive this weekend. Here are a few tips to make it through:

Where to chill out the night before
Chill out – don’t celebrate too much the night before your ceremony. Of course you should celebrate, but sometimes the effects of the night before can have a lasting impact on the big day itself. You will want to feel sober and coherent, and a hangover can make you feel less than perfect. Don’t forget: There will be many photo-worthy moments.

Check out Toki Underground, an inexpensive ramen joint located on 1234 H St. NE. Famous for its intimate atmosphere, Toki is the perfect spot to connect with that person you might not have time for tomorrow, while at the same time enjoying some of the best ramen you’ve ever eaten.

Where to walk
If you are sick of the National Mall and need a quick nature getaway, check out Palisades Park – just a short walk from the Mount Vernon Campus. Follow the trail into the woods on the right to find a hidden forest with a Blair Witch vibe. Wandering through trees hung with broken bicycles and glass might be the perfect escape to rejuvenate your spirit.

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