Food hacks: How to get more for less in Foggy Bottom

Media Credit: Camille Ramasastry | Hatchet Photographer

Ask for the softest ice cream when you order at Captain Cookie – you'll end up with a little extra.

It’s that time of year when you have to get thrifty to make sure your remaining GWorld cash lasts to the end of the semester. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get more food for less moolah on campus. With finals approaching, you can make the most of your snacks and meals without depleting your wallet.

Get two meals for the price of one a free mega-meal at Chipotle

Order a burrito with an extra tortilla on the side for free. You can order both white and brown rice and black and pinto beans for one burrito, instead of choosing just one of each, for no extra cost.

You can also order two types of meat: Supposedly, they will give you half of each kind of meat to add up to one scoop, but mine was more like two full scoops. It’s easy to then unwrap the burrito and transfer the extra fillings to the extra tortilla – now you have two burritos for only $9.

Save some bucks at Starbucks

If you need a caffeine pick-me-up, go to the Starbucks locations by Gelman or the Elliott School of International Affairs building during lunchtime on a weekday, and you’re bound to find unclaimed drinks. Tom Jones, the store manager for the Gelman Starbucks, said customers are welcome to take drinks that are left unclaimed on the counter. I’ve found that prime opportunities for snagging a free drink are early afternoon and around 3 p.m. on weekdays.

If the original customer comes in later and demands their drink, a barista will remake it free of charge.

Jones said the official policy is that anyone can claim a $0.50 refill of an iced coffee, iced tea or hot coffee if you stay in the store, but Jones said that the policy is relaxed in D.C. because patrons come and go quickly.

“It’s such a hustle and bustle city, nine out of 10 times you can get a refill if you leave the store and come back,” Jones said.

Finally, bring in your own reusable mug or cup for $0.10 off your drink.

Land a large smoothie for a smaller price at South Block

The smoothies in the Lerner Health and Wellness Center cost a pretty penny, but it’s possible to get more bang for your buck. First, order a small smoothie, and pay attention while they’re making it. If there’s extra smoothie left over in the blender, you can ask them to pour the extra smoothie into a larger cup, free of charge. Prices vary depending on what type of smoothie you get, but the price difference between the regular size and the large size is $1.

I scream for more ice cream at Captain Cookie

The next time you are at Captain Cookie, satisfy your sweet tooth by ordering a secret item that is not on the menu: Ask for cookie dough in your ice cream or milkshake – Kelli Prange, an employee, said scoopers will do it at no extra charge.

When ordering ice cream for the ice cream sandwich, ask for just one type of ice cream rather than two separate scoops. Ordering one scoop usually nets a little more ice cream than two scoops total will.

Another tip: Ask for the softest ice cream flavor, or the easiest to scoop, so they can pack in more ice cream.

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