Best party bar: Tropicalia

Media Credit: Craig Hudson | Hatchet Photographer

2001 14th St.

If you’re looking to escape the dreary barscape of Foggy Bottom, Tropicalia is the party bar for you.

Once you make your way down a narrow staircase to the basement bar, Tropicalia makes you feel like you’re partying in a warmer climate and not on the corner of 14th and U streets. Bright, colorful lights and neon walls set the scene, and the high-energy music gets you ready to stay until closing.

Most people come to Tropicalia to dance. While I am definitely not skilled in that area, the combination of the music and high energy are enough to get anyone out on the dance floor, and a little liquid courage helps. The bar is well-stocked and staff are happy to make (nearly) anything you request.

The bar is also well-known for its themed nights, from ’80s dance parties to Drake “darties,” where slices of a cake featuring the singer’s face were served to guests. A wide selection of featured DJs and regular performers keep each night fresh and keep you coming back.

Tropicalia is best served with a group of friends, so pack into an Uber and head to U Street the next time you need to let off a little steam.

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