Best food for your Instagram: Momofuku

Media Credit: Photo Courtesy of Gabriele Sabile

1090 I St.

Everything about Momofuku screams Instagram: from the sleek wooden interior, to the miniature menus and artfully arranged food.

Momofuku serves Asian food, and they do it with style. The ramen ($17) is symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing – the noodles, pork and poached egg each command their own respective section in the bowl. The ramen is also well-known for the pink-swirled narutomaki – a Japanese fish cake. I almost let the ramen go cold trying to get the perfect picture, but couldn’t let such delicious food go to waste.

The shiitake buns ($11) and the brisket buns ($13) both come in traditional – and adorable – wooden bowls. The shiitake buns are filled with lightly fried mushrooms and the brisket buns with pink, lightly grilled brisket. Both dishes, wrapped in soft, chewy buns, are petite and fit perfectly in the original square Instagram – the millennial in me was completely overjoyed.

But your Instagram presence won’t be complete without a photo of your hand clutching cereal milk soft serve ($5) in a mini cone. The soft serve’s curl rivals Dairy Queen and the golden cereal crunch topping ($.75) makes for a perfect accessory for the perfect photo. Oh, and it tastes pretty delicious too.

Readers’ pick: Momofuku

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