Best bar trivia: Penn Social

Media Credit: Desiree Halpern | Photo Editor

801 E St.

If you want a break after the hardest two days of the week, check out Penn Social on Tuesdays with your friends and co-workers for trivia night. It’s an easy place to de-stress after a long day, especially with their happy hour deals. Draft beers are $2 off and rail drinks are reasonably priced at $5. Happy hour runs daily from 4 to 7 p.m. – right until trivia starts.

The format of Penn Social’s trivia varies from the usual themed rounds you see at Stoney’s or Tonic and is based on a points system. Each question is entirely unrelated to the last and questions get harder and worth more points as the round continues. At the end of each round, teams wager their points on the 11th question – and most are not afraid to go all in.

Even if you wanted to prep before trivia starts, the questions are so random that it would be impossible to get a head start. Don’t be surprised if you need to name Keanu Reeves movies based on screenshots, or name the Obama daughters and Princess Peach’s castle and all in one round.

Trivia night draws a full house, with lots of regulars returning each week. But don’t worry too much if you aren’t a trivia buff because this is a laid back crowd. It’s also slightly older than the groups you’d see at bars closer to campus. But that means they won’t hesitate to jam out with you to ’90s bands like Avril Lavigne, Good Charlotte and the Spice Girls.

While the stakes may seem high in such a crowded competition, the atmosphere at Penn Social is full of camaraderie and comedy. Contestants get to pick their team names, and anything goes – from “Love My Lady Trumps” to “Underwood 2016.”

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