A Day in Music: ‘Not to Disappear’ by Daughter

This post was written by Hatchet Reporter Callan Tansill-Suddath.

This week “A Day in Music” focuses British indie folk band Daughter’s sophomore album, “Not To Disappear”.

The album is a strong return by Daughter. It maintains much of the dreamy indie vocals that distinguished their sound while also showing an evolution and maturation in the group’s style. “Not to Disappear” is available to stream on Spotify.

Daughter will play at the 9:30 Club on April 6, and at Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tenn. in June.

Rise n’ Shine

The tempo of “Fossa” starts off soft, like the sunlight filtering through the blinds at the beginning of a new day. A crooning, whispering female voice floats gently above faint synthesizers and a slow guitar riff. Halfway through the rhythm picks up, the wintry vocals solidify and a simple drum beat mixed with electric guitars swells in the background. The volume and intensity of the track builds until the end and the song gentles, coming full circle to the calm beginning.

Afternoon Anthems

“New Ways”
Featuring haunting, sleepy vocals from lead singer Elena Tonra, an even beat, a simple bassline and steady synthesizers that evolve into a heavier, emotional tone, “New Waves” serves as a reminder of how Daughter initially captivated its audiences three years ago.

Turn up…

“No Care”
Straying from the usual hypnotic sleepiness, this track betrays an edgier side of the group that proves it can appeal to audiences outside of the indie-folk genre. With a steady rolling bassline, cacophonous percussion, and Tonra’s spiteful lyrics (“But we are like broken instruments/Twisted up and wheezing out the runnels”), this song is without a doubt one of the most fast-paced, direct and angry releases the trio has recorded.

…And Turn Down

“Made of Stone”
The final track, “Made of Stone,” is the most relaxed on the album. Tonra’s beautifully breathy vocals, the reflective and languid lyrics and a mellow beat creates a melancholy, hypnotic sound perfect to listen to before bed.

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