GW sanctions Sigma Nu, Black Student Union

Updated: Jan. 10, 2016 at 10:40 a.m.

GW has sanctioned Sigma Nu and the Black Student Union, according to an update to GW’s sanction website this month.

The Black Student Union is the first and only non-Greek organization added to the list of 27 student groups that face or have faced sanctions since April 2013. Officials originally created the list, which is updated periodically online, to be more transparent about student conduct and sanctions.

GW sanctioned many of the organizations on the list, including the Black Student Union and Sigma Nu, for hosting unregistered events with alcohol. The Black Student Union is on social probation, meaning it cannot host events with alcohol present, until May. GW officially assigned the sanction to the Black Student Union in June, according to the updated list, but a previous update in September did not include the sanctions.

Sigma Nu is also included on the list for the first time after hosting an unregistered event with alcohol at its “on-campus chapter facility.”
GW sent the fraternity an official written warning, known as a censure, which is in place until April 1. It is also on social restriction, which means it can host a limited number of events with alcohol, until May 31.

President of Sigma Nu and junior William Block said in an email that the fraternity aims to be a “different kind of a Greek chapter.”

“We are committed to our mission to develop ethical leaders, and remain steadfast in our goal to be a different kind of Greek chapter – one that is a force for good for the community and for our members. We’ll continue to work with the university to hold our chapter and our members to the highest standard of excellence,” he said.

GW also issued additional sanctions to three other Greek chapters – Alpha Delta Pi, Kappa Alpha Order and Beta Theta Pi – for hosting unregistered events with alcohol, according to the list.

Alpha Delta Pi is on disciplinary probation – meaning it is not in “good judicial standing with the University” – until February 2016 because of a combination of violations. It had been on disciplinary probation from October through the end of December for hosting an unregistered event with alcohol, according to the sanctions document.

GW also sanctioned Alpha Delta Pi last spring for sexual misconduct, disorderly conduct and posting “inappropriate material on social media” about its philanthropy events. The chapter remains on disciplinary probation until February 2016 as a result of those April 2015 sanctions. Chapters who violate the terms of disciplinary probation risk losing GW’s official recognition of their chapter, according to the document.

Kappa Alpha Order is on disciplinary probation until the end of May and can host a limited number of events with alcohol until April 1, according to the sanction list. GW previously sanctioned the chapter in October 2015 for hosting an unregistered event with alcohol at their on-campus facility, and had been banned from hosting events with alcohol until the end of December, according to the list. GW has sanctioned the fraternity two other times in the last 18 months.

GW sent Beta Theta Pi an official warning in October for hosting an unregistered event with alcohol at its on-campus facility, according to the list. The chapter faces disciplinary probation and can host a limited number of parties with alcohol until April 1. The chapter had previously been placed on disciplinary probation in October 2013, according to the list.

Delta Gamma’s national organization closed the sorority in September, which is reflected in the updated list. It is the third chapter to close on campus since January 2014 and had previously been sanctioned in December 2014 for hazing, providing alcohol to minors hosting an unregistered event with alcohol.

In November, a spokesman for Phi Kappa Psi confirmed GW was investigating the group. The fraternity was not included in the latest sanctions website update.

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