Grab ‘#NoFilter’ presents your artsy friends can post on Instagram

Media Credit: Alyssa Bogosian | Hatchet Photographer

The Renwick Gallery offers colorful gifts like mugs, colored pencils and decorations.

What better way to give your artsy friends some holiday cheer than in the form of Instagram-worthy gifts from the Renwick Gallery? Located on 17th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, the art museum’s gift shop is stocked with trinkets that are perfect for the person who decorates his or her dorm room with string lights and colorful wall tapestries.

“Game Fish” mugs ‒ $14.99
Printed on these mugs is an image of the art exhibit “Game Fish” by artist Larry Fuente – a sculpture of a swordfish made from materials like beads, buttons, poker chips, badminton birdies and ping pong balls.

Not only does the quirky cup design serve as a souvenir of the hip D.C. art scene, but these gifts are perfect for your friend’s “#NoFilter” pictures of her morning tea or coffee.

Renwick-themed colored pencils ‒ $19.99
Your friend deserves something a little classier than Crayola this month. Even this simple gift from the Renwick might be just the thing to spark their creativity.

The pencils come in 24 vibrant colors ranging from deep reds and greens to pastel blue and cotton candy pink. They’re packaged in a tin box, with a black-and-white image of the gallery exterior on the front, complete with the large letters “Dedicated to Art.”

Decorative glass bottles ‒ $29.99
Upon entering the gift shop, you’ll immediately notice a shelf lined with small glass-blown bottles and jars. These decorative items are smooth to the touch, each lightly tinted with bright blues, greens, purples and pinks.

With abstract shapes ranging from tall and narrow to almost completely flattened, they could double as vases. Either way, they serve as a necessary addition to any drab desk or bookshelf, adding a pop of color and elegance.

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