Find cozy pajamas and sweaters your lazy friends will love

Media Credit: Madeleine Cook | Hatchet Photographer

Marathon Netflix shows in style with gifts from Peruvian Connection.

It’s the time of the year when the ice rink at Georgetown re-opens and it’s too cold to visit the monuments. It’s also that time of the year when that one friend of yours goes into hibernation until April. Hit up Peruvian Connection on the corner of 10th and F streets to find shawls and sweaters that help them stay cozy in style.

Pima cotton pajamas ‒ $39
You don’t need to buy your friends any fancy clothes if they’ll be spending the whole day in bed. This gift is perfect for those cold winter months when getting dressed is just too much effort.

Cotton and covered with a bright poppy garden pattern, these pants are not only cute, but also incredibly soft.

Telluride pompom hat ‒ $59
Your friend will have to go outside at some point – even if it’s just to pick up the Chinese food they ordered. Still, you can make those few minutes a bit more bearable for them, with a cheerful and warm hat made entirely of alpaca fur.

Banded with cheerful striped patterns in colors like red, light blue and brown, this will go with just about anything – even pajamas.

Kilim textile shawl ‒ $89
Take the chill out of “Netflix and chill” – help your friend stay warm while they binge-watch their favorite shows.

Made of acrylic and polyester and patterned geometrically in earthy brown and deep oranges and reds, this shawl provides enough warmth for those days that are meant for snuggling up in bed with a cup of cocoa and devoting a few hours to watching “Master of None.”

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