GBD serves up deep-fried Southern classics

Media Credit: Joyce Lin | Hatchet Photographer

Enjoy chicken, doughnuts and beer at GBD in Dupont Circle.

Open early and open late, GBD serves up Southern-style cooking that will satisfy your comfort food cravings from the early morning to past midnight.

With prints of chicken heads hanging on the brick walls and lights enclosed in decorative fryer baskets, the restaurant is cozy and inviting. GBD, which stands for “golden, brown and delicious,” lives up to its name with a selection of fried “snackies” like honey-tossed plantains for $4 or fried brie with spicy honey and buttered pecans for $8.

Perhaps GBD’s best deal is the dinner for four. For $40, the restaurant serves one bucket of fried chicken, one large coleslaw, four crème fraiche biscuits and your choice of two sides. Rich dishes like roasted pepper macaroni and cheese or garlic smashed potatoes will leave your family feeling ready for a long nap.

The biscuits are soft and fresh and the chicken is hot and tender, though next time I go, I’d want to sample some of GBD’s sauces like the buttermilk ranch or chipotle BBQ to keep the chicken from tasting too dry. The pepper in the mac and cheese adds a unique flavor without being too spicy, giving Whole Foods’ mac and cheese a run for its money.

To accompany your meal, GBD offers a list of “Fried Chicken Beers,” like the fruity and spicy Solidarity Saison, and “Doughnut Beers” such as the Victory at Sea, a porter with vanilla and coffee.

GBD whips up fresh doughnuts in small batches and tops them with seasonal glazes. In addition to daily doughnut specials, the menu includes bourbon maple doughnuts glazed with bacon, gala apple fritter doughnuts topped with a cinnamon glaze and Nutella crunch doughnuts with toasted hazelnuts. The cinnamon glaze was sugary and delicious, but the doughnut itself was not as fresh and hot as I was expecting – perhaps because I ate there toward the end of the night.

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