Eight Greek life chapters sanctioned for conduct violations

Updated: Sept. 4, 2015 at 4:26 p.m.

Eight Greek life chapters have been sanctioned for violations to GW’s code of conduct since January, according to an update to GW’s sanction website Friday.

Three sororities and five fraternities face punishments from being censured to disciplinary probation for violations ranging from sexual misconduct to holding unregistered parties with alcohol.

Alpha Delta Pi and Phi Kappa Psi were both found in violation of GW’s code of conduct for sexual misconduct. Alpha Delta Pi will be on disciplinary probation until February 2016, and Phi Kappa Psi will have a deferred revocation of chapter status until April 2017.

Members of Alpha Delta Pi posted “inappropriate material on social media” about their chapter’s philanthropy events according to the sanctions website. New members of Phi Kappa Psi kept books of information containing “offensive and derogatory stereotypes and comments regarding other chapters in the Greek community” given to them by chapter members during the new member process.

Phi Kappa Psi also hosted an unregistered event with alcohol “with new members present,” according to the website.

Alpha Epsilon Phi, Kappa Alpha, Alpha Phi, Pi Kappa Alpha, Sigma Phi Epsilon and Zeta Beta Tau were also sanctioned.

Alpha Phi and Sigma Phi Epsilon are each on disciplinary probation until December 2016 for hosting an unregistered mixer with new members present. When questioned about the event, members from each chapter interviewed “provided false information” to University staff members, according to the sanctions website. It is not specifically stated on the website if the two events were separate incidents or the same event involving both chapters.

Alpha Epsilon Phi is censured until December 2015 for co-hosting an unregistered mixer with a fraternity with alcohol present and available to members under 21 years old.

In February, Kappa Alpha was put on disciplinary probation until August 2015 for hosting an unregistered party with alcohol at their on-campus house.

Pi Kappa Alpha was sanctioned for co-hosting unregistered mixers with sororities with alcohol present at an off-campus location, and has a deferred revocation of chapter status until December 2015.

Zeta Beta Tau is censured until November 2015 for co-hosting an unregistered mixer with a sorority where alcohol was available to underage members.

The sanctions website also gave additional information about past violations of GW’s code of conduct. GW’s sanction website had not been updated since this January. In May, GW officials said they would update the sanctions website with more information about conduct violations after lobbying from student leaders.

Associate Dean of Students Tim Miller said in an email that the additional information was added in response to the requests from student leaders for more information.

“We believe this will serve as a resource to help students make informed decisions about organizations they are considering joining. As always, our goal is to promote a positive extracurricular experience for all of our students,” Miller said.

Interfraternity Council President Keaton White was not able to immediately return a request for comment. Panhellenic Association President Mollie Bowman did not immediately return request for comment.

This post was updated to reflect the following correction:
Due to a reporting error, Tim Miller’s title was inaccurately stated. He is the associate dean of students, not the director of the Center for Student Engagement. We regret this error.

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