Campus dictionary

Before you hit the books during your first semester at GW, study up on some campus vocabulary.

FoBoGro (proper noun): Shortened from Foggy Bottom Grocery, this convenient store located on F Street has everything from chips to cleaning supplies, and there’s even a sandwich shop on the ground floor.

Vex (proper noun): The bus that departs from 23 and G streets outside Funger Hall, as well as 20th and E Street, transports Vernies (students who live on the Mount Vernon Campus) to Foggy Bottom and hauls Foggy Bottom dwellers to the Vern for University Writing classes. They say it’s a 10 to 15-minute ride, but students have sometimes spent more than an hour on it, so be prepared. And don’t accidentally get on the wrong shuttle — one mistake could land you on a one-hour journey to Virginia.

Vexiled (nonfinite verb): You might become familiar with this phrase your freshman year. If your roommate requests a little space for a romantic evening, you could be stuck riding the Vex until its safe to return to your room.

HellWell (proper noun): A quick, cheeky way to refer to the Lerner Health and Wellness Center, the on-campus gym complete with exercise machines, pool, basketball courts and yoga classes to help students avoid the freshman 15. But no worries — you can gain back all of the calories you worked off with a froyo from Campus Fresh, just a floor up from the main lobby.

Square 80 (proper noun): Tucked away on the block between 21 and H streets, this park gives students a space for stereotypical college activities like throwing a Frisbee and reading books on benches. Expect sorority and fraternity events to happen here, too. And the warmer the weather, the more likely you’ll find free food.

SARC Team (proper noun): An acronym for Sexual Assault Response Consultative Team, this group trained of staff members are there to assist sexual assault survivors in finding appropriate resources to meet their medical, counseling and academic needs. Call 202-994-7222 for help, 24 hours a day.

Darty (noun): An event where it’s acceptable to drink too much before 1 p.m., often followed by a long nap.

Fratio (noun): The outdoor patio adjacent to a fraternity house, where members grill and blast country music seemingly nonstop in the warmer months.

4-RIDE (proper noun): A taxi-esque service that will pick up and drop off GW students anywhere on and up to a mile away from the Foggy Bottom Campus between 7 p.m. and 5:30 a.m. Officials added 15-passenger vans to the fleet about a year ago to pick up large groups of students.

Carvings (proper noun): Where you can gain the freshman 15, often late on weekend nights after familiarizing yourself with the haunts on F Street. Grab the fries or mozzarella sticks for a classic greasy snack. Don’t make the rookie mistake of calling it “Cravings,” even though that may be more logical.

#OnlyAtGW (adjective): A hashtag used sincerely by freshmen during Welcome Week, it soon turns into a well-used piece of sarcasm. Used in a sentence: “#OnlyAtGW would someone throw up on the Thurston stairs.”

Going to Town (verb): If you grew up in the suburbs this might have meant going to the nearest major city, but here it’s about going to the gay club Town Danceboutique, located on U Street. Fair warning: The club only admits those 18 and older on Fridays, so take advantage of your opportunity.

Peter K (proper noun): As dean of student affairs, Peter Konwerski deals with students’ concerns, often via Twitter on his account @GWPeterK. He uses Twitter for University updates, so tweet at him yourself with complaints, concerns and questions, and he’ll be sure to give you an answer. You may see some pictures of his Portuguese Water Dogs, too.

Andie Dowd (proper noun): As president of the Student Association, she will represent the entire student body at GW’s events this year. Dowd says she will focus her administration on health and wellness resources and improving 4-RIDE.

Ruffles (proper noun): The small fluffy dog belonging to University President Steven Knapp. Knapp occasionally brings Ruffles to campus events, and legend has it he walks the fluffy creature through University Yard late at the night.

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