Quiz: How should you decorate your mortar board?

Media Credit: Sophie McTear | Design Editor

You love GW
You cheer alongside the Colonial Army at basketball games and you’re probably a volunteer tour guide. When you hear students complain that there’s little school spirit on campus, you look down at your Spring Fling tank top and wonder what they mean. If you didn’t have an internship on Capitol Hill, you were a Colonial Caller or a campus rep, and you spend more time talking to friends than studying at Gelman Library.

Your cap will be painted buff and blue, and “Class of 2015” will definitely be be written in sans serif with an Impact typeface. You’re really going to miss this place.

You love your org
You’re not sure that you would have stayed at GW if it weren’t for the people in this group. Whether it’s your pledge class, the E-Board that became family or the teammates with whom you spent every waking hour, you can’t imagine your college experience without them.

You’ve probably already been told when, where and how your group will be decorating caps. You have a running list of inside jokes you want to incorporate into the design, and you’ve already picked up your matching honor cords.

King or Kween of culture
When you came to GW, you thought Busboys and Poets was the coolest place. You’re loosely affiliated with a few clubs on campus, but you’ve spend most of the last four years at The Black Cat or scouring D.C. for the best cup of coffee. You have a D.C. library card and you moved off campus the second you could.

You’re deciding between writing “Runnin’ through the six with my loans,” “99 problems but a diploma ain’t one” and “I didn’t even go here!” on your cap. You’re excited to graduate, but you’re just as excited about your reservations on U Street after the ceremony.

Sappy, sentimental
You can’t believe you’re graduating, and it’s not because you remember failing economics your sophomore year – time goes by so quickly! You already miss studying in Gelman Library, stuffing your face with a bagel from the Deli and meeting up with friends for a picnic by the Washington Monument.

You know it’s cheesy, but you’ve already Googled “inspirational sayings” for ideas. You might quote Dr. Seuss (“Oh, the places you’ll go…”) or maybe Gandhi. You may also ask your artist friend to draw the house from “Up,” because adventure IS out there.

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