Slice of Life: Praise be to the fashion gods, we can dust off our Uggs

Media Credit: Hatchet File Design

We can all finally come out of the closet, wearing our Uggs.

That’s right, someone from the fashion heavens has performed a great miracle upon those confined to shamefully slipping on their sheepskin boots in the privacy of their rooms.

As for all of the girls who never stopped wearing Uggs – and who I have silently (and probably not so subtly) judged while waiting in line at Sweetgreen or walking around campus – you have proven wrong the disapproval in my overly emotive face.

What Vogue says goes. And earlier last month, in an article titled “The Return of the Ugg Boot,” writers Laura Weir and Julia Hobbs asked us, “Isn’t it time to embrace our guiltiest fashion pleasure?”

I’ll also take my cues from Glamour and The Cut, which agree with Vogue about the Uggs comeback. Those of us who live in areas of the world where the temperature dips to below 20 degrees have been ready for this very boot revival since someone else at Vogue started Ugg-shaming some time in 2011.

I’m welcoming this news with open arms as D.C. has adopted a subzero look this winter. And because the District has this charming way of not removing snow and ice from sidewalks and roads, pulling out the big guns isn’t just a fashion choice, it’s a necessity. Shouldn’t it be the right of every person to be able to throw on boots made of sheepskin when hiking over mounds of solidified ice and road muck in Washington Circle?

More than that, though, Vogue gave the OK to wearing the same shoes we all wore over our Abercrombie & Fitch jeans in middle school when going to trendy places for $12 salads and $35 yoga classes.

This fashion news is a Jersey girl’s dream. While some say that Uggs are from Australia, I like to believe that their natural habitats are the high schools and shopping malls of New Jersey. With every other person at GW a transplant from the Garden State, donning our high school-era boots will be a sweet homecoming filled with nostalgia and unshapely footwear.

However, Vogue has yet to comment on turning over the tops of Uggs to create a fuzzy cuff for an extra Jersey-bred pizzazz.

But what about when spring comes? What will happen to my Uggs then?

Vogue says Uggs have us covered: “A long white tunic or tux shirt, bare legs and the black Ugg mini is a strong transitional look.”

For those who aren’t fluent in fashion, that means famous people who pay a lot of money to be dressed every day will wear Uggs with bare legs – as in, during warm weather. Vogue is telling us that Uggs will transcend the seasons and usher us out of this hellish winter.

With spring break coming, you should leave a little extra room in your suitcase. You’re bringing your Uggs to Cabo.

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