Let’s talk about sex: An intimate dictionary


The act of making out with someone on the dance floor of a club, wildly unaware of the people around you. Short for “dance floor make-out.”

Got-laid parade

The walk back from hooking up with someone you’ve wanted to hook up with for a long time; the completion of a personal mission.


A coy explanation for sleeping in a nondescript person’s bed. Most often occurs when one loses his or her GWorld card and cannot get into his or her residence hall after 1 a.m.

Single sleepover

Missing out on action because you fell asleep. Most likely done while fully clothed and waiting for a text back.


To spread out on a bed as you let your partner do all of the work. See also: snow angel.

Vex of Shame

Taking the Vern Express home after hooking up on Foggy Bottom.

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