SA senator wants to survey students’ knowledge of SEAS

“Engineers are people, too.”

That’s the reason why Student Association Sen. Zachary Graybill, U-SEAS, a junior majoring in systems engineering, said he is lobbying the SA to send out a survey that would gauge how familiar students are with the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

He said the survey results would allow the SA to plan out programs to make GW’s student body more integrated, with a focus on helping non-engineering majors connect with engineering majors.

Engineering concepts have an “interdisciplinary nature,” Graybill said. His goal is to show non-engineering students how other areas of study relate to engineering.

“I think the separation that exists is not from some God-given act,” Graybill said.

The survey, which is awaiting final approval from the SA, would be divided into three sections, he said. The first part would ask students how much they know about GW’s engineering courses. It could also ask students which majors are housed in the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

The next section would ask students what they know about the field of engineering. The final part would ask about how “engineers and non-engineers could be productive together,” Graybill said. He didn’t have an exact timeline for when the survey might be released.

“I’d be surprised if it wasn’t [sent to students], but there’s always that possibility,” he said.

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