Click here to procrastinate: Cats, cows and Colbert

Finals season is here again, and as usual, avoiding work the right way is the key to staying sane. Check out these websites for optimal procrastination opportunities, especially if you’re not looking to sink to this level.

Hatchet File Photo
Hatchet File Photo

1. If there’s one thing guaranteed to lower your self-esteem, it’s six hours in Gelman Library with a bag of chips and a semester’s worth of reading. During a study break, counteract this with The Kanye West Self-Confidence Generator, a stream of quotes by Yeezus about Yeezus. It may not break the Internet, but it will inspire you to channel the self-proclaimed “No. 1 living and breathing rock star” and ace your biology exam.

2. Find the invisible cow. And for just $2, you can find an invisible fox. Use headphones!

3. As a millennial, employers expect you to know how to code and navigate the nuances of social media. But do you know how to make a GIF? This is important stuff, even if you end up just spamming your friends with your new skill.

4. Bring in the cats. And not to spoil the surprise, but we also recommend reloading the cats.

5. POTUS Interruptus. You know you want to watch it again.

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