Slice of Life: A note from First Semester

Media Credit: Hatchet File Design

Hi, everyone. It’s me, First Semester.

I know at this point you’re “so over” me, but before you go home for Thanksgiving then dive into finals, I just wanted to drop you a line. I would be remiss to pack up and make room for Second Semester without reflecting on our time together.

I know that we hit a bit of a rough patch, and that there were peaks and valleys, but I hope that for most of you, our carved out time together was positive. I do apologize for the whole Cold War Kids thing. We’ll try again next year. I won’t apologize for failing to invite Fall Break to the party – I’ve been known to be a bit selfish.

Freshmen: I hope these weeks, your first as college students, had you settling in, making friends and finding a home. Hopefully our time together kicked off some of the best years of your lives. Try something new during Second Semester, keep growing and carving out your niche. Who you are in college has, in no way, been solidified yet.

Sophomores: I was so excited to see you back, a degree less sloppy and a bit more aware of the disadvantages of floor-cest. It was nothing short of hilarious watching you strut about like campus veterans. As you head into Second Semester, try not to fall into the sophomore slump. Next time I see you, I’m hoping your GPA looks as good as it does right now.

Juniors: I’m tickled pink that many of you decided to grace me with your presence before jetting off to fulfill your wanderlust. Crossing my fingers that you set aside at least some of our time together to fill out forms to get your abroad classes approved. I hope you enjoy our last few weeks together: hug your friends, wish them luck, tell your senior friends goodbye.

Seniors: Ideally you took advantage of our last rendezvous and spent it alternating between Tuesday night happy hours and Sunday morning brunches. I’m honored that for some of you, I’m the last semester you’ll know of college. To those early graduates, congratulations and best of luck. For those of you coming back to suck the life out of Second Semester, I’m so happy that we shared many of your last firsts.

Admittedly, our time together this year was a bit unique. Watching you come together and respond to a student body in pain was inspiring. I’m proud that you used my weeks to start a positive conversation about mental health on a campus where open dialogue isn’t always readily accepted.

And my pride will only grow after you’ve dealt with the few twists and turns I have left up my sleeve for you. I swear it wasn’t me who chose to end my tenure here with a bunch of little blue booklets and sleepless nights.

Seniors, perhaps I’ll see you next year for a victory lap.

To the rest of you, until next August. Be good, have fun and tell Second Semester I’m waiting on my invite to all of those darties.

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