Surviving recruitment round by round

Media Credit: Photo Illustration by Charlie Lee | Hatchet Photographer

During each round of recruitment, dress to impress your future sisters.

Recruitment may seem stressful, but it doesn’t have to be: The key to this weekend is knowing the purpose of each round. Be sure to check with your Pi Rho Chi for more specific tips about how to dress for each event.

Open House Round: Prepare yourself for singing, dancing and clapping. A sorority member will grab you by the arm and lead you to a chair or spot to stand. After visiting 11 sororities, with 20 minutes to meet each, you’ll drop two groups.
Tips: You’ll visit the most sororities today, and remembering the details for each one can be overwhelming. Bring a small notepad to take notes throughout the day, so when it’s time to drop two sororities, your decision making will be less stressful.
What to wear: When it comes to putting together the perfect outfit, the key is to stay comfortable. Beat the heat with a sundress, and ditch painful heels for a pair of flats or sandals. Don’t forget to pack deodorant, lip balm, mints and snacks for the long day ahead.

Philanthropy Round: You’ll attend up to nine 30-minute parties for this round, where each sorority will fill you in on their volunteer work and service projects.
Tips: It’s easy to be dazzled by creative volunteer events and big fundraising numbers, but make sure you take time to learn about the actual charity each sorority supports. If you’re passionate about volunteer work, remember that it’s more important to volunteer for a charity you care about than to join a sorority that raises the most money or holds the most popular fundraiser.
What to wear: Stuck on choosing an outfit? Guide your choice by wearing what you would to meet your significant other’s family at a Sunday brunch.

Invitational Round: This round is all about sisterhood. You’ll go to at most six 45-minute parties, where sorority members will share anecdotes and perspectives on what makes their sisterly bond strong.
Tips: The key to nailing the Invitational Round is to look professional, but “business casual” doesn’t have to mean boring.
What to wear: Try a pair of flats paired with a peplum dress or tailored black pants, and if you can’t resist wearing heels, opt for a pair of nude wedges to stay comfortable. You’ll have almost an hour to get to know each sorority, so come ready with questions. During breaks, refuel with snacks like nuts and fruit and bring along a hand mirror for makeup touch-ups.

Preference Night: At this point, you’ll have narrowed down your options to three sororities. For the last round before bid day, you’ll attend a fifty-minute, cocktail-attire party for each sorority, where you’ll get to know members on a more personal level.
Tips: This is your last night to stand out, so don’t be afraid to show off your personality or get a little more intimate with your would-be sisters. Prepare a few final questions in advance by visiting each sorority’s Facebook or Tumblr page.
What to wear: Tonight’s also your last chance to show off your style, so be sure to pick something other than a standard little black dress. Bonus: Pack a pair of flats for a comfortable walk back to your residence hall.

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