New burgers on the block at Bobby’s

There’s a slate of new burgers and milkshakes at Bobby’s Burger Palace after six years of the chain’s rapid nationwide expansion.

The new menu now being served at the K Street location, which features four new burgers and two new milkshakes, “celebrates regional flavors, and reflects more parts of the country,” said Marcus Braham, a publicist for the restaurant.

Chef Bobby Flay, the restaurant’s owner, experimented with his favorite flavors from around the country in order to personalize the new burgers. “It’s all about capturing local flavors in burger form,” Braham said.

Here’s what to order next time you stop by the Palace:


Brunch Burger
This is the new hangover burger of your dreams – served with a fried egg, crispy smoked bacon and American cheese. The runny egg yolk creates a sauce for the burger, and the crunchy bacon gives the burger a nice fatty, salty flavor. This burger is a more-gourmet version of the tried-and-true GW Deli bagel sandwiches that you desperately want when it’s closed on Sundays.

New Mexico
If south-of-the-border flavors are what you’re craving, this burger may be what you need. It’s served with house-made pickled red onions that add sweet vinegary notes, roasted green chilies that give the burger a smoky, but not-too-spicy crunch. The white queso sauce, however, disappears behind the stronger ingredients.

The burger topped with white American cheese, Fresno red chillies and barbecue potato chips, lacks that adventurous taste you’d expect from Sin City. The flavor is helped a bit by hot sauce, and barbecue chips give it a kick of sweetness. But you can’t help but feeling like the dealer gave you a bad hand.

This is a must-have if you are a fan of a good sauce. Topped with a slightly spicy, mouth-watering mustard-barbecue sauce and a green onion slaw for a subtle crunch gives you a burger that won’t leave you upset that you walked the extra couple blocks past Burger Tap and Shake. The burger is so beloved that this once burger-of-the-month menu item had its own Facebook page petitioning it to get on the everyday menu.


Mocha caramel
This drink is a little more complex than their coffee shake, and three flavors instantly hit your tongue. First flavor: not-too-sweet, but rich mocha. Second flavor: salty caramel that counters your first thought, like a pretzel M&M. Finally: a little coffee flavor to wake up you up after a coma-inducing meal.

Mint Chocolate Chip
This milkshake proves that looks can be deceiving. The shake may be unappetizingly brown, but there is such a strong and refreshing mint flavor that color can be overlooked. Smooth and creamy, with Godiva chocolate chips that add nice texture, this shake ups the ante for all things minty.

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