Board chair solicits final round of feedback before updating Faculty Code

Board of Trustees chair Nelson Carbonell asked all full-time faculty Monday to respond to a survey that will shape the final steps of the Faculty Code review.

Those responses, which he announced in an open letter to faculty, mark the final chance for faculty to weigh in over the governing rules, which cover issues from the tenure process to the University’s shared governance model.

“The highest quality faculty is driven by the caliber of its individual members, their leadership, the environment in which they work and their motivation and engagement,” He wrote. “As the Task Force formulates its recommendations, I want to encourage all of you to participate in this important dialogue through the survey or through our website.”

After six months of meetings with about 600 professors, Carbonell laid out his original broad findings at a Faculty Senate meeting earlier this month, which included creating a University-wide tenure committee and focusing on academic freedom issues.

He also called out the body for a culture of bullying between tenured and non-tenured professors from providing feedback during the review process.

“There’s a lot of bullying here. There are things that happen here that would get you kicked out of fourth grade. And it’s intolerable,” Carbonell said on the Faculty Senate floor. “We have heard over and over again that research and clinical faculty feel like second-class citizens.”

In about three weeks, Carbonell and a small committee of professors will return to the Faculty Senate, which is made up of about 30 tenured professors, with the official recommendations. The senate will need to approve them before any changes are final.

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