Poppa Box offers surprise mix of Asian fusion, waffle sandwiches

This post was written by Hatchet reporter Victoria Tellechea Rotta

The square wooden exterior of Poppa Box is a sharp contrast from the corporate office buildings that surround it. The newest Foggy Bottom eatery, which moved in two years after Tony’s Flower Place vacated, stands out not only for its unusual architecture but also its unusual menu, which ranges from Asian fusion to waffle sandwiches.

Its menu offers lunch boxes with shrimp or chicken teriyaki with sides of steamed rice, sushi rolls and vegetables, to Bibimbap, the house’s specialty mixed rice. Its mini-bowls can curb your hunger for just $3.45.

Although the restaurant prides itself on its Asian fusion cuisine, its menu also includes American-style waffle sandwiches. Plus, the cashier shelves are stocked with the hard-to-find Kinder Buenos and triangular bars of Toblerone.

The bright yellow interior, bouncing with pop tunes, makes the restaurant feel welcoming and refreshing. Its only been open for a few days, but the bite-size dining area was already brimming with customers, so grab your bento box and waffle to go.

Poppa Box doesn’t yet accept GWorld, but when you’re power-walking back to your dorm after your 2020 K discussion, the warm inviting little box on the corner is definitely worth a stop.

1928 I Street, NW 

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