This week in lambasting racist college kids, courtesy of Anderson Cooper

Greek life continues to grow on campus, helping reshape campus culture as we know it. But fortunately, our fraternities and sororities are better than this.

Screenshot from Instagram
Screenshot from Instagram

As members of Greek organizations and other students at GW commemorated black civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday by participating in a day of service earlier this week, the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity at Arizona State University held an “MLK Blackout” party. To call the party racist doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Members of ASU’s Greek life shared photos of the event on social media using hashtags like “black out for MLK” and “Happy MLK Day homies”. Some were drinking alcohol out of watermelon cups.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper, known for his infectious giggle, piercing blue eyes – oh, and his investigative reporting chops – weighed in during his Ridiculist segment Thursday:

“To me it is terrifying, terrifying that these people made it into college without learning anything about what is appropriate human behavior. And terrifying they’ve got such an astounding lack of awareness and are so moronic about themselves and the world to actually post pictures of it like it’s the spring semiformal or whatever.”

“Whatever happened to the good old-fashioned toga party? That’s still a frat bro thing, isn’t it? Actually, you know what? Scratch that. I would not want to see what this particular group of morons would do if you gave them a bunch of white sheets.”

Watch the video here.

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