Neighbors: A cleaner Foggy Bottom will help combat rat problem

This post was written by Hatchet reporter Jeffrey Caves.

A group of Foggy Bottom neighbors met this weekend to talk about ways to eliminate some unwanted city residents: rats.

Marina Streznewksi, president of the Foggy Bottom Association, stressed that cleanliness is the key to keeping the pesky rodents at bay.

“Sanitation is rat control,” Streznewski said at the meeting, which was held at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on 24 and K Streets. She added that even innocent acts like leaving out bread for birds can draw other more unwelcome visitors.

Neighbors have increasingly seen rats scurrying across neighborhood sidewalks as construction sites spring up around campus.

The meeting comes several days after Council member Jim Graham proposed a bill requiring businesses to include rat prevention methods in their business licenses.

“Rats prosper on battery cables. Pizza is much better. Dog poop – can I use that word? – is like an energy bar to rats,” Graham said at the Council meeting.

The meeting, one of eight across the city sponsored by the D.C. Department of Health, included rodent control experts and representatives from the Department of Public Works and Consumer and Regulatory Affairs.

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