The most-read opinions of 2013

Townhouse Row. Hatchet File Photo
Townhouse Row. Hatchet File Photo

Before The Hatchet’s opinions writers step into 2014, here’s a look back at some of the most popular columns, blog posts and staff editorials of 2013. Below is a selection of the top 15 most-read pieces of the year.

1. Columnist Trevor Marsden wrote that while Macklemore might be popular, he was a superficial choice for Spring Fling.

“As his lyrics demonstrate, he is emblematic of a generation that is lacking when it comes to producing original and fresh creative content.”

2. Former opinions editor Patrick Rochelle’s take after The Washington Post wrote a damning piece on GW’s rich-kid reputation and nightlife culture.

If The Washington Post really wanted to catch a glimpse of GW nightlife, the reporter should have gone to McFadden’s any Tuesday night.

3. Former GW School of Business dean Doug Guthrie’s firing seemed abrupt. But if we all had been aware of the warning signs, none of us would have been really surprised, wrote opinions editor Justin Peligri.

The popular joke among students over the past few weeks goes something like this: “Doug Guthrie was the dean of the business school, responsible for teaching students how to manage money and become successful entrepreneurs. And he doesn’t even know how to balance a budget?”

The scariest part is that the joke retains a strong connection to the truth.

4. In the wake of the Navy Yard shooting, columnist Jarred Stancil wrote that the best way to ensure student safety is to arm members of the University Police Department.

UPD is our first line of defense. And right now, it’s frighteningly weak.

5. This piece on why one student opted out of fraternity rush events spurred campus controversy, and students defending the Greek community weighed in here.

During rush week, new students – some perhaps yet unfamiliar with all aspects of life at GW and still finding their way around – subject themselves to subservience and try to prove themselves worthy of friendships with people they don’t yet know well.

6. In light of an admissions scandal, Knapp’s inability to apologize prevented the community from moving forward, The Hatchet’s editorial board wrote.

The revelation that GW lied about its need-aware practice created a firestorm in the national media, but GW’s top leaders have failed to take responsibility. University President Steven Knapp’s tone-deaf response to the backlash only creates more distrust in the GW community.

7. Who knew GW had such a passionate group of lesbian, gay and bisexual professors and administrators? Read their stories from National Coming Out Day here.

As a 41-year-old faculty member looking back on my coming out process, two things strike me: how fresh the memories still are and how much better life is today than I ever imagined.

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