GW’s award-winning sitcom ‘Gender Neutral’ takes on second season

Media Credit: Hatchet File Photo

Senior Henry Morillo's sitcom for GWTV will see its second season. "Gender Neutral" is a comedy that plays with gender roles in a college setting.

A comedy that premiered on GWTV this spring is launching its second season, now with an Emmy Award from a regional television arts academy to its name.

“Gender Neutral,” a sitcom that showcasing the experiences of Alex (a female) and Sam (a male) who are accidentally assigned to the same dorm because of their gender-ambiguous names

As Sam starts to fall for Alex, he pretends to be gay to stay near her – and in the most coveted dorm on campus.

Senior Henry Morillo said he’s excited to start the season after the student-run show’s episode “Unintentional Gay Date” won a writing award from the National Chesapeake Bay Chapter of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences this summer.

Morillo said his own experiences with gender-neutral housing inform much of the show’s anecdotes, from unsanitary bathroom habits to bodily exposure.

“The group of writers we have are all hilarious in their own right and are incredibly creative,” Morillo said. “But we’re also having so much fun playing with the world we created. The show has a really interesting feel and tone, and it’s really easy for us to come up with funny things because the characters themselves are all so hilarious no matter what.”

Rife with dead-pan one-liners and snarky quips, the series’ comedic script comes from a cast with a range of film and directorial experience. In the award-winning episode, Sam endures an awkward date while a competitive Student Association election ensues.

While Morillo set out to create a relatable show for his peers, he expressed excitement over the show’s recognition and accolades.

“We wrote this show for students, not just at GW but everywhere, so it’s really satisfying to hear that many of them are actually enjoying it,” Morillo said. “That’s really all the reward we needed, but I’m not gonna lie, I’m psyched we have an Emmy.”

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