Science and Engineering Hall to house one restaurant

The $275 million Science and Engineering Hall is slated to open in 2015. Construction moved past grade in June. Hatchet File Photo.

Updated Sept. 3 at 11:46 a.m.

The University will bring one small vendor to the ground level of the Science Engineering Hall once it opens in 2015.

The decision comes after officials originally said multiple vendors could move into the space, creating a street full of retail on both sides with Whole Foods, Sweetgreen, Roti and Circa across from the future science research hall. (Update: A spokesman said in an email Tuesday that GW always planned for enough space for one vender, and administrators who said otherwise misspoke.)

The University is also planning to add vendors to the ground level of the massive residence hall, dubbed the “superdorm,” which will open in 2016.

Senior Associate Vice President for Operations Alicia Knight said the office had been contacted by at least a dozen retail establishments, mainly food venues, since construction of the engineering building started. She said GW had not contacted any vendors yet.

“We’ll look at what students are interested in, what the community’s interested in and what the market’s interested in. What we have found on our campus is that the greatest demand is for the food and the types of things that fall into people’s day-to-day lives,” Knight said.

Construction on the Science and Engineering Hall moved past ground level in June, and utility work on the building will begin next month.

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