Fewer students charged for dirty or damaged rooms

The University charged about 59 percent fewer students than they did last year for dirty rooms, collecting a total of $93,250 in broom-clean fees.

After the high number of fees stirred student discontent last year, added move-out procedures like checklists and meetings with house staff helped knock the number down, GW Housing director Seth Weinshel said.

The University charged fewer students for dirty or damaged rooms this year. Hatchet File Photo

GW Housing also charged $47,625 in damage and furniture fees, or more than $140,000 less than last year when 400 of the 500 students billed for these fees appealed the charges.

About 11 percent of the 373 students charged, though, lived in the soon-to-be demolished residence halls, West End, Schenley Hall and Crawford Hall, where construction crews are beginning work this summer.

“Even though the buildings are being renovated, the rooms still need to be cleaned out of all items like any other room in preparation for the next phase,” Weinshel said.

 Residents of the three soon-to-be-renovated buildings were warned of the broom clean and damage fees and were not exempt, Weinshel explained.

This post was updated Sunday, June 9 at 2:42 p.m. to reflect the following:

Correction appended

The Hatchet incorrectly referred to West End, Schenley Hall and Crawford Hall as condemned. They will be renovated and combined to form a 900-bed residence hall known colloquially as the ‘superdorm.’ They have not been condemned, or deemed unsafe.

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