Susuni secures presidency with 59 percent of the vote

Julia Susuni hugs a supporter in J Street after it was announced that she was elected Student Association president. Erica Christian | Hatchet Photographer


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This post was written by Hatchet staff writer Chris Hebdon.

Junior Julia Susuni was elected the fourth-ever female Student Association president Thursday with a whopping 59 percent of the vote.

Students waited for nearly two hours in a packed Columbian Square to hear election results, wearing campaign buttons and t-shirts supporting their candidate. Susuni, who pledged to put Trader Joe’s on GWorld, move Student Health Service closer to campus and improve career services, defeated three challengers to become the first female president since 2009.

“It feels really great. I am so proud of all the work my team has put in and really grateful for all the time and energy and all of their support,” Susuni said.

This year’s SA elections saw a record 4,855 ballots cast, Joint Elections Committee chair Jordan Thomas said. Sophomore Mike Morgan, senior Hugo Scheckter and freshman Tywan Wade earned second, third and fourth place respectively.

Junior Kostas Skordalos won executive vice president, beating sophomore Mike Adam by nearly 1,000 votes to become the second-highest student lobbyist.

“It doesn’t even feel real yet. It feels like tomorrow I’m going to be waking up and handing out palm cards,” Skordalos said. “I am excited to get to work tomorrow.”

The third candidate for executive vice president dropped out last week.

Here is a full list of candidates and the breakdowns:

Winners in italics

SA President

Julia Susuni (2795)
Mike Morgan (976)
Hugo Scheckter (775)
Tywan Wade (152)
SA Executive Vice President
Kostas Skordalos (2604)
Mike Adam (1796)
CCAS Undergraduate Senator
Nick Gumas (951)
Mollie Bowman (849)
Ben Pryde (809)
Marshall Cohen (725)
Justin Hyde (708)
Shreya Chaturvedi (658) 
Casey Syron (640)
John Weiss (593)
Justyna Felusiak (527)
Brandon Kumar (425)
Taylor Cole (372)
Jevin Hodge (344)
Patrick Furbush (340)
John Menges (319)
Ahrim Nam (301)
ESIA Undergraduate Senator
Varsha Sundararaman (439)
Chris Stillwell (377)
Paul Asercion (363)
Simarmeet Singh (342)
Johnny Kelley (294)
Spencer Newland (320)
SEAS Undergraduate Senator
Neil Forquer (129)
Edwin Musibira (77)
Karan Singh (57)
SMHS Graduate Senator 
Jordan Werner (101)
Kusha Davar (70)
Abhimanyu Aggarwal (43)
MCGB Undergraduate
Elizabeth Kennedy (1893)
Shelby Goodfriend (1530)
Ian Ceccarelli (1416)
Glenn Richardson (1153)
Usama Khan (1144)
Paul Organ (1082)
Grahm Rabinowitsch (905)
Alberto Zayas Montilla (830)
CCAS Graduate Senator
Cameron Smither (2)
Allison Rohde (2)
Allison Friedan (2)
*will face a runoff, where the Senate will vote
ESIA Graduate Senator
Paul Maesser (26)
CPS Graduate Senator
Tom Hayden (1)
Amee Pecot (1)
Julia Brown (1)
MCGB Graduate
Kuanysh Taishibekov (17)
Law School Senator
Peter Glaser (n/a) 
Paul Waters (n/a)
Alex Berman (2)
Andrew Beyda (2)
Jeff Conrad (2)
Undergraduate-at-Large Senator
Daniel Egel-Weiss (n/a)
Omeed Firouzzi (n/a)
Graduate-at-Large Senator
Andrew Hickman (n/a)
Cengiz Kara (n/a)
GWSB Undergraduate Senator
Ryan Counihan (n/a)
Fatma El-Taguri (n/a)
GWSB Graduate Senator
Tapan Bhargava (n/a)
Harimandir Garcha (n/a)
SEAS Graduate Senator
Hatem Elbidweihy (n/a)
William Rone (n/a)
SPHHS Undergraduate Senator
Kimberly Levitt (n/a) 
SPHHS Graduate Senator
Nora Albert (n/a)
Program Board Chair
Jon Carfagno (n/a)
Program Board Vice Chair
Kolton Gustafson (n/a)
This post was updated March 22, 2013 to reflect the following:
The Hatchet incorrectly reported that Julia Susuni won 57 percent of the votes. That figure was actually 59 percent. While 4,855 ballots were cast, Susuni won 2,795 of the 4,698 votes for the Student Association presidency.

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