Letter to the editor

Kerry Washington is the right choice for Commencement speaker

As a GW graduate, I’ve often been quick to criticize my alma mater when I think it’s done wrong. But I’m beaming at the choice of Kerry Washington as Commencement speaker.

Unfortunately, I’m saddened at the vitriol being directed toward both her and Rice Hall over this pick. I get the sense that most GW students would have been happier with a middle-aged senator or TV talking head making some remarks. But the reality is there’s a whole world outside of politics and media, and it wouldn’t kill colonials to have some exposure to it. I say this as a political journalist.

Good on the University’s part for doing something different and picking a speaker who is young, accomplished and actually has ties to the school. And – as someone who’s been there before – my message to the Class of 2013 is this: You aren’t the first to complain about your Commencement speaker. You won’t be the last. There are worse things than having to listen to a beautiful movie star speak for 10 minutes on a warm spring day.

Ryan Holeywell is a GW alumnus and a former Hatchet editor.

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