Senior launches satirical campaign for SA president

Hugo Scheckter, who resigned as Student Association senator last fall, launched a satirical campaign for the organization’s top post. Photo courtesy of Hugo Scheckter.

Correction appended

Hugo Scheckter, who resigned from the Student Association last fall after internal clashes, is now seeking the organization’s top post – but not actually.

The senior, an international student from the United Kingdom, dubbed himself the “King of GW,” touting that he does not care about students, just “like the majority administrators at this school.”

He pledged to raise tuition, move students to a new West Virginia campus (without a weekend shuttle) and add four more textile museums to campus to take the place of Whole Foods and the Smith Center.

He also demands a $1 billion paycheck.

“I seek only to make a profit from this University, and I will do that via constant tuition hikes, the closing of any student space possible and the promise that the needs of donors will be put ahead of any and every student,” Scheckter said.

Scheckter said GW struggles to earn alumni donations because of the steep cost of attendance that makes students feel as if they’ve been “price gouged.”

“Everyone here is fustrated with the University and with administrators. The University has forgotten that we are not employees of the University. We are actually customers and the level of customer satisfaction is very, very low,” Scheckter said.

He said another major problem is that administrators are inaccessible to students, adding that “administrators only hear from the same students who are very involved and very positive about the University and tell them yes the whole time.”

“President Knapp is so disconnected from the students. Every time he’s meeting with students it’s a forced photo-op,” Scheckter said. “He’s not a genuine president people know or like. He’s a figure-head most people have never met and if he has met them he doesn’t remember them.”

He added he’s considering renting a throne to sit on in Kogan Plaza on Election Day.

This post was updated Feb. 12, 2013 to reflect the following:

The Hatchet incorrectly referred to Hugo Scheckter as a junior. He is a senior.

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